Underwater Life
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MH Reef Fish Identification: Florida, Caribbean, Bahamas by Paul Humann and Ned DeLoach. There are three guides in this series. Guides in the series include Reef Corals, Reef Creatures. While very expensive ($120 for all there in slip case), these 3 guides will help identify underwater life in their range. For underwater photographers, these rate.--Richard Jones
MH Sport Fish of Florida by Vic Dunaway. This is one of a series of guides to various regions. The emphasis in these books is on fish that might be encountered by anglers. They are reasonably priced and reasonably complete for each of the areas they encompass. --Richard Jones





Code used evaluating the usefulnes of these books MH – Must Have if you are interested in this subject,
N2H – Nice to have as a supplement,
OK – Okay but either very limited and/or outdated but may be useful if all other guides fail to meet the needs on a specific plant or animal.
NR - Not rated yet - Listed for informational purposes.
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