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MH Wildflowers and Ferns of Kentucky by Thomas G. Barnes and S. Wilson Francis. This is the best book in its class for Kentucky as well as a good reference for all of Tennessee and West Virginia. It also covers the areas of Most of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Missouri and portions of Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Virginia and Maryland. It is by no means all-inclusive. It is weak in introduced species that are now abundant in the above areas. It illustrates in photos or line drawing of 500 species and offers descriptions of an additional 134 plants. However there are known to be more than 2000 native species found in Kentucky so it covers only about a quarter of all pant species in the covered areas. Still, I find it indispensable in the tri-state area.--Richard Jones
N2H Peterson’s A Field Guide to Wildflowers by Roger Tory Peterson and Margaret McKenny.  This volume covers 1300 species of wildflowers of Northeastern and North-central North America. This is a good guide for the more common wildflowers. Some of the plates are in color, some in black and white.--Richard Jones
N2H The Field Guide to Weeds by Lawrence J. Crockett.  It’s exactly what its title states. Weeds represent some of the most difficult plants to identify because many weeds are introduced from other countries and most guides only deal with native species. This guide is very good for identifying grasses.--Richard Jones
OK Wild Flower Guide - Northeastern & Midland United States by Edgar T. Wherry. My Grandmother loved this book and used it to identify Wildflowers in a field near her home. I have tried to use it while hiking and have found it too difficult to use in the field. It is better for later to learn about the wildflower you saw. -- Donna Loughry
N2H Wild Flowers of Ohio by Stan Tekiela. This is a good book to have with you in the field. While it primarily covers Ohio, it can be used in the surrounding states as well. This is one of two books I take with me when I go hiking in the Spring. -- Donna Loughry
MH Wild Flowers of Ohio by Robert L. Henn. This is my favorite book to have while hiking the trails of Ohio. It is categorized by flower color, shows the leaves and has a brief discription on the next page. It's primary weakness is that the descriptions can be lacking in information. While it does not have all of the flowers found in Ohio, it has the most common ones. -- Donna Loughry





Code used evaluating the usefulnes of these books MH – Must Have if you are interested in this subject,
N2H – Nice to have as a supplement,
OK – Okay but either very limited and/or outdated but may be useful if all other guides fail to meet the needs on a specific plant or animal.
NR - Not rated yet - Listed for informational purposes.
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